Alder Ridge Vineyard Report

We have had a couple of weeks of great weather here at the vineyard.

Alder Ridge vines working towards veraison

Temperatures have been in the solid mid to high 90’s so I think we have made up a little ground from the cool late spring temps we experienced.  This year for degree days we are at 1467 degree days and last year we were at 1836. As of now we are probably 7 to 10 days behind last year

Impatient for veraison

but the upcoming weather looks to be good so ground should be made up.Overall cluster seem to have a few more berries/cluster than last year.

We anticipate seeing some veraison next week. Crop load counts and weights are still being taken and should be finalized within the next week. Sergio and the crew are finishing up the last of the leaf stripping and the first fruit thinning pass should begin the first week of August. Looking forward to a great harvest and another outstanding vintage!

Alder Ridge Vineyard - Horse Heaven Hills

Brian Weinmann and Luke Ransom

Pictures By: Jesse Heinle


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