2010 Vineyard Season Update

This season is shaping up to be a little cool, much like we had in 1999.  To date, the Cumulative Growing Degree Days are remarkably similar to 1999.  We do not think this will be an early harvest.  Hand crews are currently in the process of finishing the removal of laterals from the primary canes and also elimination unwanted “non-count” shoots.  The next pass by the crew will be to color thin at ripening, otherwise known as véraison.  Due to the very long cool season, cane growth is longer than normal and we will be “trimming” the tops of canes about 10-12″ above the top catch wire.  We are also in the process of counting clusters and preparing estimated block yields.  Overall we are pretty happy with what we are seeing and are excited for the next harvest.  Don’t forget, come September you can try fresh wine grapes at the Forgeron Tasting Room in downtown Walla Walla.


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