Crush, Crushing, Crushed

The 2009 Harvest year is well underway and many wineries are over 50% done with the harvest.  Out here at Forgeron we hare just starting to harvest some of the later ripening varieties, we just pulled in our first Cabernet Sauvignon yesterday.  And hope to pull in a bit more Syrah within the next few days.  We have already seen some of our Malbec, Zinfandel, and Syrah from one of our warmer sites out at Stone Tree Vineyard in Yakima.

Crush has not occupied us completely though, there are still plenty of events, tastings, and winemaker dinners to find us at.  The Lamb Jam in Seattle is coming up October 25th.  Another winemaker dinner with Marie at Russell’s in Bothell.  Then in November to keep you occupied there is the North West Food and Wine Festival in Portland on the 14th.  There is also a fairly new tasting event called 20 Something that is directed towards the new younger wine drinking crowd.  That event is held in Seattle on November 21st.  Don’t forget about the Barrel Tasting weekend December 5th in Walla Walla.  Out at Forgeron we are gearing up for our annual Anvil Club Party that will be on the December 4th, at the start of the weekend (more details coming soon).  We hope that all is well and to see you soon.


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