Balstille Day is coming! Break out some cooking wine and get your Champagne glass ready!

Looking for a reason to get out of town since the Fourth has passed?  Bastille Day is coming why not , throw on a beret, grab some Champane, Cheese, start talking like Inspector Clouseau, and hop on a plane to France.  Seriously though, can you find a better excuse to celebrate, drink wine, eat cheese, and fail to pronounce the word ‘able’ with your own je ne sais quoi? 

Fireworks light up the Eiffel Tower

Fireworks light up the Eiffel Tower

If you were in France you would be just one of thousands gathered in the Champ de Mars to watch the fireworks set off at the Trocadéro.  However, if you’re like us and not able to find cheap tickets to France for the 14th you can always celebrate right here in the US.  Just follow the above steps without hopping the plane and cook up one the traditional French meals below, add a little music from Hector Berlioz to complete the mood, and voila!  Just close your eyes smell your food, and who knew you weren’t sitting on Avenue Foch among all the upscale hotels and restaurants?

French Foods for the National Holiday (just click the name for full recipe):  Duck a l’OrangeFrench Mushroom Soup,  Venison StewCréme Anglaise,  and an old time favorite Traditional Medieval French Custard Tarte.  If you would like more idea’s, jump on over to La Belle Cuisine for full meal plans, French photography/art, and more Bastille Day fun.


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