Wonderful finish to a Vintage weekend at Walla Walla

Vintage Walla Walla was a fun time out on the stormy town.  Not that Walla Walla thunderstorms are anything compared to many of the stormy states in the middle US.  However, it was fun having a reminder as to the beauty of a good old fashioned summer storm.

During the Vintage pour last weekend we brought out our 01 Zinfandel (Marie-Eve is particularly fond of this wine!), 01 Cabernet Sauvingnon, and the 02 Chardonnay was tasting great! 

One of the few Washington Zinfandels

One of the few Washington Zinfandels

These wines have aged wonderfully with a surprising amount of fruit present.  They have also developed a wonderful nose and that supple mouthfeel that only age can give you.

Although we wanted to take the 01 Merlot to the vintage pour we thought four wines might be a bit much.  Many other wineries were bringing only one or two.  In spite of this we wanted to offer this magnificent wine and the other wines we poured at the Vintage weekend to our beloved followers.  With an extremely limited quantity from our library, we are offering you the opportunity to pick up some of our Vintage wines in the tasting room.


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