Bottling again! Already?

Well,  it doesn’t seem like much time has passed and here we are bottling again out at Forgeron.  However, it is another wonderful sunny & breezy day to be bottling, although some of the workers not in the shade might disagree with me.  At least they get to work on their tan, or burn in one guy’s case.
This time we are finishing up the work on our 08 Vigneron Select Chardonnay, 07 Barbera, 07 Petit Verdot, 07 Primitivo, 07 Zinfandel, 06 Cabernet Sauvignon, and our Walldeaux Smithie 4th Edition.  Release dates to be determined by the distinguished palate of Marie-Eve Gilla.  So please be patient, and we at the tasting room will also do our best to be patient, because Marie will not rush wine for any man, woman, or Labrador.
We hope the Spring is treating everyone well and their gardens even better.
By: Walldeaux

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